Educational, inspirational, imaginative & fun course for comfortable & radiant skin, for Life.

Hands on & Experiential. Become your own expert.

Become your own expert. Walk away KNOWING how to honour your skin’s functions and structures – no need to ever ask anyone what’s best for your skin again. You will KNOW.

The skin protects and reveals our inner soul-life – mediating between individual, the environment and other people. The soul and skin deeply interpenetrate, so the soul can be healed through the skin, and the skin can be healed through the soul. (ref: Skin & The Soul Within)

You will go home understanding how to re-establish balance through working with your skin’s functions and structures.

Beauty with Joy, Meaning and Substance ~ in expert hands

You leave having experienced the ‘I Matter’ touch; With radiance and with comfortable skin. Re-connect with the stillness inside of you and allow that to radiate out through your skin.

Fee varies depending upon venue.

To book call Mudeford: 01202 470867

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