Your Relationship with Your Self

LEVEL 2 The Art of Touch

Become your own expert. Walk away KNOWING how to honour your skin’s functions and structures – no need to ever ask anyone what’s best for your skin again. You will KNOW.

Skin The Soul Within

a two part, five day workshop exploring soul-wise holistic skincare including new techniques and insights into the relationship between the skin and the souls of the client and therapist

Your Care for Our World

Circular Economy Study Groups

‘Education for a changing world’

Practical strategies for….’Education for a changing world’.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to respond to and further research the question ‘what does it mean to participate in a circular economy’. The session is itself  a  ‘Participatory learning process that is consistent with systems thinking and feedback rich approach’ of a circular economy.

Edinburgh University & Queen Margaret’s University, Edinburgh

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